Characters (WIP)

 Note: The characters that I haven't introduced yet won't have pictures or bios, but their names will be on the list. I will add new characters as I think of them. :) (BTW some of the screenshots are kinda bad, sorry! D:)

Main Characters:

Grace Jackson

Grace has been told that she lived in Sunset Valley since her parents died. However, she can't remember anything before she was eight. She has found that she understands complicated math and science, something she suspects has something to do with her past.

Grace lives with her aunt and uncle, Zoe and Mark Gates. She also has a brother, who is her twin and at a boarding school for wizards. Grace got an invitation too, but she declined, and Zoe teaches her instead.

Robert Thompson

Robert was born and raised in Twinbrook. He moved to Sunset Valley when he was 13, and soon became friends with his new neighbor, Grace Jackson. He lives with his mother Lara and his brother Henry.

Robert is very shy and socially awkward, but is also a genius, and is just as smart as Grace. They like solving complicated math problems together, something Robert's brother Henry thinks is crazy.

Romana Emmagan

Major Characters:



Josephina Blake

  Jasper O'Neil


Daniel Moore


William Charlwood

Johnathon Fargo

Minor Characters:

Zoe Gates

Zoe tells everyone that she is from Bridgeport, but this is a lie. She won't tell anyone about her real past, and very few people actually know about it.

She can be serious at times, but she has a fun-loving personality, something that she shares with her husband. She is an accomplished witch, and teaches Grace what she knows.

Mark Gates

Mark also tells everyone that he grew up in Bridgeport, which is also a lie. He and Zoe new each other since they were children, and grew up together, so he is one of the few people who knows about Zoe's (and his) past.

He is very childish and has a fun loving personality, something which makes him very popular at his work. He also runs his brother's old fan club.

[no picture yet]
Martin Jackson

 Martin is Grace's twin brother, and he currently attends a school for wizards. He is very interested in girls, something that annoys Grace very much.

Like Grace, he cannot remember anything before the time he was eight, although he has not mentioned this to any of his friends. He doesn't like complicated math and science as much as Grace does, but he still understands it all.

Henry Thompson

Henry is Robert's older brother. Unlike Robert, he is outgoing and not at all socially awkward. He also isn't much of a genius, and Robert's complicated math problems annoy him.

Lara Thompson

Lara is Robert and Henry's mother. She divorced her husband when Robert was 4 and Henry was 6. When Robert was 13 and Henry was 15, she moved to Sunset Valley. Her ex husband still lives in Twinbrook.
Lara is also a fairy, but her ex husband was a wizard, which was where Robert and Henry got their magical ability.

Myka Gordon

Peter Walters

Arthur Sieks

Horace Angelini 

Allyson Dorrough 

Eric Carter 

Claudia Burkett

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