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So it might be a while... :(

So the building is way harder than I thought it would be, and I can't seem to get it right. >.< (Well, I already knew I was a terrible builder) :P Anyway, I haven't been building it very much lately, and I've kind of been playing my side-legacy more. (I'm almost at Generation 7 o.O I didn't intend to go that far :P) So yeah. I might wait till summer when I have more time to continue this. :) (Also I might be adding a blog for legacy pictures, but there probably wouldn't be very much writing lol)


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Corrupted Saves, New Sets, and the Next Chapter

So, the Sunset Valley save that I have been writing my story in got corrupted. :( Basically, it just wouldn't save. So I saved Grace, Robert, Romana, Mark and Zoe to Library and moved them to a new Sunset Valley. :) But, some things might look different because I didn't save their house, or SGE-1. :( But I don't know if you guys will notice anything. :) 

Anyway, the next chapter might be a while because it needs a whole new set. I am horribly horrible at building, so I have finished very little of it but I love the way it turned out. :) I'm really proud of it but again, it will take a while to finish it all the way. I will post pictures as the set comes along, so it doesn't seem like you are waiting so long. :) 


EDIT: I promised screenshots, so have some:

(So every scifi story needs some kind of spaceship, so I don't think I'll be spoiling too much...)

Bridge: (I just realized now that the ceiling-of-space needs to be recolored. Oops.)

Kinda bare, I know...

That's all I've got for now, but I'm not even close to done! I need to decorate the quarters, and the ship also needs an engineering section and some kind of sick bay...>.< (Anyway, in case you haven't noticed, this ship is more Star Trek than Stargate based)

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Chapter 8: It's a Small World - ahem - Universe...

~1 1/2 Months Later~

He looks more surprised than anything -_-

Martouf tapped me on the shoulder. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked me. He looked slightly nervous, something which surprised me, because over the last month and a half I had almost forgotten what I had heard in the kitchen. SGE-1 + Marty, as the other-people-who-lived-in-this-house now called themselves had been acting perfectly normal towards us since then. They had made us do chores, and most importantly had forced us to go to school. Robert and I were excelling, as usual, and Romana was doing quite well for her first time. Things at the Manor House (as we now called it) were settling into a daily routine, almost like it had been at home. But not quite. 

Marty and I went upstairs and sat on the rather-alarming-shade-of-yellow sofa, which glowed in the dark and was creepy.

"Grace, I've been wanting to ask you something for a while..." he began. 


"Do you have a twin brother named Martin?" he asked, talking very quickly.

" did you know that?" I asked. I didn't know how he could possibly have known that, but I supposed Robert or Romana could have told him...

Martouf  bit his lip. It didn't look like the answer he had been expecting. "What were your parent's names?" he asked slowly, as if he was coming up with this question on the spot. 

"Errr...Sally and Peter, I think. I never really knew them, I've kinda been raised by my aunt and uncle Zoe and Mark."

Martouf's eyebrows shot up. "What? Really?" He actually sounded happy about this, something I hadn't been expecting. 

"Yeah, why?" 

He shrugged. "No reason. You should probably get your homework done." he said, and walked off. I suspected there was more to this than he was letting on, but I let it go and went to my room to get my homework. 

On the way, I saw Marty dial the telephone. It was kind of weird, because I had never seen him use a telephone before. He always claimed that they annoyed him. 


What had happened in the study had been nothing. It had been something about Romana trying to make Robert more fashionable, and I quickly forgot about it.

It was around 6 in the evening when I finally finished my homework. Robert had been doing his on the computer, and I was about to go into the study to tell him to hurry up already (he had probably been playing chess half the time) when I saw someone outside the door from behind the stairs. She couldn't see me, but I could see her just fine. 

Oh my god. It's Zoe. She will be so mad, I've probably been missing for was she here the whole time and I didn't realize it. Oops...I thought in panic and raced to the study, where sure enough Robert was closing his computer.

"Robert she's here!!" I hissed.

Robert turned to me, looking confused.

"Zoe! She's here! How did we not realize we were in the same time period as home? This is going to be a disaster! She's gonna be pissed! And keep your voice down, she'll hear us..."  I whispered to him, looking up quickly to see if anyone was coming. 

Robert's eyes widened. "I forgot to check the device, to check what time period we're in...Oh my god, how did I forget? My mum's going to be so mad at long do you think we've been missing for?"

I shrugged. "Well because we can't cross our own timelines it could be anywhere from one and a half months to ten years...or even more..." I said, getting more scared than I already was. "What if we've been missing for twenty years? What will happen then? How will we explain why we haven't aged for the last twenty years?"

"Let's hope it hasn't been twenty years..." Robert muttered. 
"Hang on, I'm gonna go check what's going on..." I hissed and tiptoed out the door. I peeked out the window and saw Jo greeting Zoe. 

She started coming inside, so I tiptoed down the hall and peeked around the corner. Marty had appeared out of nowhere, and Zoe a hug? They knew each other?

I turned away to back to the study but I heard a shout behind me. "GRACE JACKSON GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" 

I froze and turned around slowly, with an innocent smile on my face. "Yes?" I said, noticing that Zoe looked incredibly mad at me. I prepared to zone out for a long lecture. 


"...coming home RIGHT NOW!!" she finished, glaring at me. 

I gulped. "No! I can't come home now! Just one more day here, please! I mean, you have to make space at our house for Romana! We rescued her from this guy named Edward, and she needs to come home with us..."

"She could stay here..." Marty added helpfully. 

"Fine." She glared at me, ignoring Marty's comment. "ONE more day. But that is IT. You can stay here with my BROTHER. And I'm not NEARLY as mad at you as I should be. Be grateful. You've been missing for TWO months, for goodness sakes. And how you ended up here I don't know..." she looked around suspicously. 

"We found her in a graveyard..." Marty muttered. 

I gaped at her. "Brother? Marty's your brother?" Wow. It was a smaller world than I had thought. What were the odds that I would find my aunt's brother with a time travel device and happen to stay with him for two months.


Romana, Robert and I were in the girls' room. Robert and I were discussing what to do next, and what to do about our horribly mad parents. Romana had no such problems, and happily made unhelpful comments. 

After about an hour, Romana seemed to get tired of listing to Robert and I talk. She had seemed excited at first, I didn't know why, bur that had quickly turned to boredom. "Robert." she said. She sounded excited again. "I dare you to..." she looked thoughtful.

"No." said Robert without thinking. 

"To.." she continued, ignoring him, "kiss...Grace. Cause she's the only teenage girl here other than me, and it would be funny."

"No." said Robert again, and turned back to me. "Anyway, the amount of makeup work for school-"

"Promise me you'll do it later. Or I'll just keep pestering you..."


"Pester. Pester. Pester..." She continued this until Robert got mad, and went of to bed.

"LEAVING!!" he shouted behind him, and nearly ran out. 

"Well darn." said Romana, looking disappointed. She sadly went to bed. 

I had never known Romana was such a matchmaker...


Have a chapter! :D 

This chapter was more planned than the last, so I think it was better. But again, not enough description...D:

Anyway, bonus screenshots!
Seriously, the sofa actually does glow at's creepy...

Err Martouf? What are you doing?

No. You're siblings. STOP IT.

Martouf during Zoe and Grace's argument...

Um Tre'lon? Daniel? What?

Attraction system...this pair is better than the last -_-

Just cause it was funny...weird, she kissed him back...I'm going to use MC to set them back to BFFs :P

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Chapter 7: Romana's Secret Plan

It wasn't until the next afternoon that I could finally tell my friends what I had heard.

"So guys, yesterday I overheard, um, the-other-people-that-live-in-this-house, we need to think of a better name for them by the way, talking in the kitchen." I held up my hand before Robert could tell me not to eavesdrop and continued. "They said that 'they knew who we were', we meaning Robert and I, and also they said you had a creepy resemblance to Teyla, whoever that is." I said, turning to Romana. "Robert, I think they also called us Nareil. It kinda rings a bell, actually." I bit my lip, trying to think if there was anything else they should know. "Oh yeah, and Marty, Jo and Tre'lon said that the could 'feel' us being Nareil or something..." I paused, confused all over again. None of this made any sense.

"IthinkIknowwhattheymean." Robert mumbled. 


"I think I know what they mean. About feeling. And Nareil." he said softly. 

"Okay, go ahead." I said, interested. 

"Ok, so there's this, um, thing, that I feel around my mum and dad, and around Henry. And I feel it around you too-"

Before Robert finished, Romana interrupted. "I think you're on entirely the wrong track." she said, starting to smile.


"Let's see, something that you feel around your parents, your brother and a girl? What can that be? Oh, yeah, love!" Romana obviously thought her idea of Robert having a crush on me was brilliant. 

Robert shook his head. "No, no it's not like that..." he said quietly. "See, you have to be wrong, cause I feel it around Zoe and Mark and Martin, and now around Tre'lon and Jo and Marty." He said this all very fast, now obviously trying to logically prove why Romana was wrong. 

Romana sat back, looking slightly disappointed. "That doesn't mean it's not true...I know!" She said, looking much happier again.

"You know what?" I asked suspicously. 

"Nothing..." she said, looking increasingly pleased with herself. 

"ANYWAY," said Robert loudly, clearly wanting to forget this whole thing had ever happened, "Grace, me, our families, Jo, Tre'lon and Marty must all be Nareil! That's why we can sense each other!"

"I dunno...They seemed to think Nareil were evil or something..."

"Rival Nareil?" Robert suggested hopefully.

"Could be..." said Romana. "And what was this thing about this Teyla person?" she asked, turning to me.

"Errr, Teyla has a missing daughter, and, um, you look like her, and Edward shouldn't know who the Nareil are...I think that they meant that Teyla's daughter got kidnapped by Edward or something..." I said uncertainly, hoping I was remembering correctly. 

"WHAT? NO WAY!!!" Romana shouted, and Robert had to quietly remind her to keep it down. "God, it all makes sense! Before we left, Edward said something about my mother looking for me, and something about Earth! Grace! Are we on Earth?"

"Yeah, I think so...I mean, the clothing style's the same..." I was about to get back onto the topic of the Kitchen Discussion (as I now called it) when we heard a call for lunch. 

Robert looked immensely happy.


After lunch, Robert went to play chess with Marty, which meant we couldn't continue talking until later. Romana and I went back to our room, and Romana then got an excited look on her face that I knew meant trouble.

"Grace! I just had a BRILLIANT idea! Why don't we go SHOPPING!!"

"Um." I said. Truthfully, I had never really gone shopping. Zoe had usually picked out all my clothes for me. 

"It'll be SOOO fun!! I've never been shopping before! I didn't have a store on my planet, Ed helped me make my you have money?" she asked, as if suddenly realizing that this was important.

"I don't think so..." I said, reaching into my pocket and pulling out some bills. "Nevermind, that time travel thingy gave me some...weird..."

Romana seemed to disregard this "weirdness". "Alright, let's go!" she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door. 


Three hours later, it was nearly dinnertime, and Romana and I came back with quite a few new sets of clothes. I had gotten a new pair of jeans, Romana had a new shirt, and Romana had also insisted that we both get matching formal dresses. 

We were dumping our clothes on the bed when we got the call for dinner. I had actually had fun shopping, something which I hadn't been expecting. It was nice to have a best friend who was a girl, for once.


The next morning, I went looking for Romana and Robert. I hadn't seen them since about an hour before and wanted to see what they were doing. I noticed the light was on in the study, so I went towards it, and I heard Romana and Robert talking about something. They stopped as soon as I entered the room.

"Whatcha talking about?" I said brightly. 
"Nothing...I mean, Robert will tell you." said Romana, making an escape for the door.
"No I won't." said Robert, sounding sour. 
"Just believe you can!" said Romana happily, and left the study, closing the door with a "click" behind her. Around half a second later she poked her head back in. "Sit down in that chair and say 'I'm waiting'" she said to me, and then left again. 

I sat down.

"I'm waiting?" I said uncertainly, thinking it was just fine if Robert didn't want to tell me something. But Romana obviously felt otherwise. 

"Um." said Robert. 


Okay, I gave you a chapter faster than before! :D I wasn't sure about putting the study part in this early in the story,  and I'm still not sure. I hope it works out...D: Anyway, I was planning on putting yet another scene in here, but I got tired again. So for next chapter it is. :P

I'm afraid that the quality of writing in this chapter wasn't too great, I'm totally not putting enough description in. Also sorry for the gap between screenshots - I'll try to do better about that next time. :) As always, please comment and tell me what you think! :D

Also, how would you guys feel if I put in a random screenshots page? :D 

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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Chapter 6: Kitchen Whispers

Romana, Robert and I ended up in a graveyard. A rainy graveyard.

Romana looked slightly annoyed about getting her "new" clothes wet, but Robert shouted "Rain!!" and held his arms up to the sky.
Sometimes he confuses me. Nevermind, he always confuses me. Romana interrupted me from thinking about how strange Robert was when she tapped me on the shoulder. "Oi. Mausoleum. Dry. Let's go." She seemed increasingly cranky about being in the rain, and since I didn't really like rain either, I followed. Robert followed too, looking slightly sad.

Sadly the Mausoleum ended up being locked. Romana was trying to find anther way in when it suddenly stopped raining. She looked relieved. I didn't even notice, because I was too busy looking at a glimmer behind some trees. 

"Ghost!!" Robert shrieked and jumped behind Romana. I sighed and headed over to talk to the ghost. 

"It's nice to meet you." he said, in a deep, echoy, far away voice. "I'm-" 

But who he was I never got to know, because he disappeared in a puff of sparkles as light started to fill the graveyard. 

Robert, who had been peeking out from behind Romana, stepped out with a sigh of relief. "Poof!" he said happily. "And look, even better, a person!"

"Ooh, I love people!!" said Romana, practically bouncing up and down. "Lemme go talk to her!" Without waiting for a response she ran over to the bench and sat down next to the blonde woman. 

Within five minutes she had learned the woman's name, her favorite color and had also made her agree to let us stay with her. 

"This is Jo." Explained Romana. "She likes purple and she has exactly three extra beds. She lives with her boyfriend and millitary team people and they'd be happy to let us stay with them." 

I grinned. "Really?"

"Yeah, follow me." said Jo with a smile, and led the way out of the graveyard. Before she turned her back I noticed the strange look she was giving us. But it was to be expected. You didn't usually meet three teenagers in a graveyard in the middle of the night who wanted to stay with you. 

We followed Jo, and I hung back to talk to Romana. "Wow. How'd you do that?"

She shrugged. She had obviously not thought a lot about it. "I dunno. Edward says I'm just kinda persuasive. He says it runs in the family..." 

I nodded. "Ok. Sometimes I feel like my brother can do that. You should meet him sometime. I think you'd get along."


The house was huge. It was basically a mansion. Jo explained that it was because so many people lived there. "Marty, these are Romana, Robert and Grace. Because we have some extra beds, I've agreed to let them stay here for a while. Romana, Robert, Grace, meet my boyfriend Marty."

Marty smiled. "Hi" he said simply. 

"Hi." We said together. I noticed again the he was giving us a strange look, but again it was to be expected. Jo led us into the kitchen so we could meet everyone else.

"Ok." said Jo. "This is Tre'lon" she said, gesturing towards the bald man, "and this is Colonel Jasper O'Neil." she said, gesturing to the man on the right. 
"And this is Daniel Moore." she said, pointing at a man behind Tre'lon. He waved. "So," she said, turning back to us. "Robert, you'll be sleeping in the same room as Tre'lon, Col. O'Neil and Daniel. Romana and Grace, you'll share the extra girls' room."


A few hours later, we had already finished settling in. Robert had discovered that Daniel owned a computer, which had online chess. He had been in the computer room ever since. Romana was reorganizing our room. She explained that she had never had a room to organize before, and that it was fun. Because it wasn't really my thing, I went out and wandered down the hall. "The group" were talking in whispers in the kitchen, so I stopped to listen even though I knew I shouldn't. 

"You realize who that Grace girl and Robert are." Marty was saying. "Jo, Tre'lon, you must of felt it too."

"Indeed." said Tre'lon.

Jo looked sad. "Yeah, I did too."

"Really?" asked Daniel, looking surprised. "They really don't seem like-"

"Yeah well, they never do, do they?" said Jasper with a frown.

"True, true. Also, there was something else I wanted to ask you guys about. Did any of you notice Romana's creepy resemblance to Teyla?"

Jo bit her lip. "Yeah that you mention it..."

Tre'lon sat up straighter. "I have never met Teyla. Neither have Col. O'Neil or Martouf, I think. But do you remember Teyla's missing daughter?" he asked, using Marty's real name. 

"Yeah, but it can't be her, can it? I mean, what would she be doing on Earth, of all places?" asked Daniel, looking confused. 

"And what would she be doing running around with two Nareil?" Jo asked.

"All I can think of would be that Edward made an alliance with them." said Tre'lon simply. 

"No! WHY does this always happen to us??" groaned Jasper loudly as he banged his head on the table. "I mean seriously, they shouldn't even have heard of each other. And now they have an alliance. Just great."

Tre'lon turned to Jasper. "Not necessarily." he said.

"What did you say Grace's last name was again?" asked Marty suddenly. 


"Huh.." he said slowly.

"Oooookay, let's leave the rest of this till morning. I'm going to bed." said Daniel loudly, and got up out of his chair and started to the door. 
I quickly darted across the hall back to my room, confused about what I had heard. What were Nareil? Why did these people know Edward? What did Romana have to do with all of this? And why was Marty confused by my last name? I sat on the edge of my bed, thinking. I finally decided to tell Romana and Robert in the morning, and went to sleep. 


Okay, so I don't know if that chapter was long or short. But I gave you one! :D I was going to add even more but I got tired. So that'll have to wait until next chapter. :) 

I hope you enjoyed my chapter, even though it may have gotten a bit confusing/boring at the end, but it will all become clear later. :) 

Have a nice rest of the week! :D

*guilty* Sorry for the long wait!!

So yeah, sorry for the long wait - next post should be up tonight or tomorrow. :)

My computer kind of died so I haven't been on sims for a while until around yesterday, so that's why there was such a long gap.

Sorry again. :(

Just fyi, post will come pretty slow for the next few weeks because of school and hogwarts online. Sorry! I hope to pick it up more over the summer though. :)

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Chapter 5: Romana

~Three Months Later~

Since I was done with my chores I headed downstairs to the living room to read something. I closed my eyes, picked a random book, and sat down. 

I opened it to the middle and read the page. As it turned out, it was a poetry book about love. Since I didn't really enjoy love poems, I closed the book and sat back on the sofa to think. Nothing had come of the fire in the sink. I had learned to control what I called my  "fire powers" a little better. I still hadn't told Robert, I wanted to learn to control it a bit more before I told him. I didn't want to accidentally set him on fire or something. 


The next morning I was washing the dishes from breakfast when Robert snuck up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. "Oi, I need to talk to you." 

"Can I finish these dishes first?"

"No. You need to come right now." 

"Okay, okay." I left the uncleaned dishes in the sink and followed him up to the attic, a place where William never went and would not be able to find us. 

When we where there and seated on the mouldy sofa, Robert turned to me excitedly. "I fixed it! I fixed the teleport!!"

I grinned happily. "Can I see?" Robert passed it to me and I could see that the buttons were flashing like they should and it was no longer smoking. "So, when should we leave?" I asked him.

"Well, maybe tomorrow or the day after. After we've said goodbye to William."

I nodded. "Sounds good. Speaking of things we need to tell each other, I have something I need to show you." I walked over to the high chair and raised my hands.

Robert gaped at me. "How did you just do that? I know how to create fire with my wand but...I"

"I dunno...I was cleaning the sink in the bathroom one day and I started a fire..."

"And nobody noticed?"

"Well, my fires kinda put themselves out."

"Mine don't. Watch this." Robert pulled out his wand and began a fire spell.

He managed to set fire to the floor, which he had to put out with his wand. He looked back at me and then stared down at his wand. "I wonder if I can do it. You know, start temporary fires without my wand." 

I shrugged. "I dunno, maybe...But I've never heard of anyone being able to do it before." 

Robert opened his mouth to say something, but got distracted by his watch. "Eek, William will be home in like an hour. Grace, you should probably finish those dishes. And I need to finish magically making fake shoes." 

"Yup, ok." I said, following Robert down the stairs. 


"Where is he? He was supposed to be home like two hours ago." said Robert, pacing back and forth.

"Maybe the party ran late." I said unconvincingly, with a huge yawn. "Whatever. I'm going to take a nap. Maybe he'll be back later."


Robert threw a pillow at my face. "Get uuuup. You've been asleep for hours."

"Wait, is William back yet?" I asked him sleepily.

"No...I don't know what's happened to him. It's eight in the morning, he's never come back this late."

"I suppose it's time to go then." I told him a bit sadly.

He simply nodded and picked up the teleport.


The first thing I noticed when we appeared on the side of a hill was that we were back in our old clothes again. I nudged Robert and pointed at our clothes.

Robert looked confused, but quite happy. "Wait, does this mean we're back in our own time again?"

I was about to answer him when I saw a red haired girl running towards us. "Hey, maybe she can tell us the time." I suggested, and then started walking towards her to get her attention.

I waved, and she came over. "Hi, I'm Romana. Who are you? I've never seen anyone else around here that are my age. Well apart from...nah, they don't count."

I smiled at her and introduced us. "Hi, I'm Grace and this is Robert. We're from Sunset Valley, and we're kinda lost. Where is this, and what is the date, exactly?"

She grinned. "No problem. You're at Ni-hay-sa-lu-kay-on-li. I've never heard of Sunset Valley. What's the address? Oh, and it's 2013."

"Ni-what-what-what?" asked Robert from behind me.

"Ni-hay-sa-lu-kay-on-li. You came through the gate, didn't you?"

"The what now?" asked Robert in a confused voice.

"Uh, Edward calls it the chappa'ai sometimes? Don't know why though."

The Chappa'ai...I knew that from somewhere. An image of a strange round gate appeared in my head, with symbols and red lights on the sides and a strange watery center. "No, we didn't actually. We came here by, um, accident." I told her, just as it started to rain.

Romana looked worriedly up at the sky. "Come on, you can stay at my house." she said, leading the way down the hill. "Oh, and is Sunset Valley your planet, or your village?"

"Village." I said quietly, following her. "Earth's our planet."


Romana knocked on a strange glowing red door, yelling. "Oi, Edward, come out here! We've got visitors! They're my age!"

Then she stepped back, and the door opened.

A green-skinned man walked out, with glowing yellow eyes and brown hair. Romana ran up to him excitedly. "Ed, these are my friends Grace and Robert. They're from Sunset Valley. Can they stay here for a while? Pleeeease?"

He stared at her and said simply, "Planet or Village?"

She grinned. "Village. Earth's the planet."

Edward slowly turned around and stared at us. For some reason I felt myself shiver.

He slowly turned back to Romana. "How dare you bring humans from Earth here! Did you even look at their clothing? And what have I said about talking to strangers?"

"Whoa, I didn't know, okay? Besides, what does them being form Earth have to do with anything?"

"Everything! They probably know you're mother, she's still trying to find you..."

"Wait what?" It was Romana who looked confused now.

I grabbed Robert's hand and hissed "Robert, I think it's time to go."

"Agreed." Robert whispered back, and reached into his pocket for the teleport.

Just as he was pushing it, Romana ran over and grabbed his arm. "Wait!"

Too late. We took Romana with us, leaving a fuming Edward.


Okay, so sorry for the long chapter, but I felt like I should because I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that too. -_- Also, I'm sorry if the writing seemed a bit rushed for the last bit, my dad had been telling me to go to bed. :( (I know, a lot of "sorrys" XD)

But yay! I've introduced the third main character! I don't know how long it will take for her bio, so you might have to wait on that. :/

Anyway, I hope you liked the chapter! Comment please! ^-^

(Thanks to my little sister for coming up with the Romana character. :) Edward and her are both inspired from Stargate Atlantis)