Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chapter 7: Romana's Secret Plan

It wasn't until the next afternoon that I could finally tell my friends what I had heard.

"So guys, yesterday I overheard, um, the-other-people-that-live-in-this-house, we need to think of a better name for them by the way, talking in the kitchen." I held up my hand before Robert could tell me not to eavesdrop and continued. "They said that 'they knew who we were', we meaning Robert and I, and also they said you had a creepy resemblance to Teyla, whoever that is." I said, turning to Romana. "Robert, I think they also called us Nareil. It kinda rings a bell, actually." I bit my lip, trying to think if there was anything else they should know. "Oh yeah, and Marty, Jo and Tre'lon said that the could 'feel' us being Nareil or something..." I paused, confused all over again. None of this made any sense.

"IthinkIknowwhattheymean." Robert mumbled. 


"I think I know what they mean. About feeling. And Nareil." he said softly. 

"Okay, go ahead." I said, interested. 

"Ok, so there's this, um, thing, that I feel around my mum and dad, and around Henry. And I feel it around you too-"

Before Robert finished, Romana interrupted. "I think you're on entirely the wrong track." she said, starting to smile.


"Let's see, something that you feel around your parents, your brother and a girl? What can that be? Oh, yeah, love!" Romana obviously thought her idea of Robert having a crush on me was brilliant. 

Robert shook his head. "No, no it's not like that..." he said quietly. "See, you have to be wrong, cause I feel it around Zoe and Mark and Martin, and now around Tre'lon and Jo and Marty." He said this all very fast, now obviously trying to logically prove why Romana was wrong. 

Romana sat back, looking slightly disappointed. "That doesn't mean it's not true...I know!" She said, looking much happier again.

"You know what?" I asked suspicously. 

"Nothing..." she said, looking increasingly pleased with herself. 

"ANYWAY," said Robert loudly, clearly wanting to forget this whole thing had ever happened, "Grace, me, our families, Jo, Tre'lon and Marty must all be Nareil! That's why we can sense each other!"

"I dunno...They seemed to think Nareil were evil or something..."

"Rival Nareil?" Robert suggested hopefully.

"Could be..." said Romana. "And what was this thing about this Teyla person?" she asked, turning to me.

"Errr, Teyla has a missing daughter, and, um, you look like her, and Edward shouldn't know who the Nareil are...I think that they meant that Teyla's daughter got kidnapped by Edward or something..." I said uncertainly, hoping I was remembering correctly. 

"WHAT? NO WAY!!!" Romana shouted, and Robert had to quietly remind her to keep it down. "God, it all makes sense! Before we left, Edward said something about my mother looking for me, and something about Earth! Grace! Are we on Earth?"

"Yeah, I think so...I mean, the clothing style's the same..." I was about to get back onto the topic of the Kitchen Discussion (as I now called it) when we heard a call for lunch. 

Robert looked immensely happy.


After lunch, Robert went to play chess with Marty, which meant we couldn't continue talking until later. Romana and I went back to our room, and Romana then got an excited look on her face that I knew meant trouble.

"Grace! I just had a BRILLIANT idea! Why don't we go SHOPPING!!"

"Um." I said. Truthfully, I had never really gone shopping. Zoe had usually picked out all my clothes for me. 

"It'll be SOOO fun!! I've never been shopping before! I didn't have a store on my planet, Ed helped me make my clothes...do you have money?" she asked, as if suddenly realizing that this was important.

"I don't think so..." I said, reaching into my pocket and pulling out some bills. "Nevermind, that time travel thingy gave me some...weird..."

Romana seemed to disregard this "weirdness". "Alright, let's go!" she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door. 


Three hours later, it was nearly dinnertime, and Romana and I came back with quite a few new sets of clothes. I had gotten a new pair of jeans, Romana had a new shirt, and Romana had also insisted that we both get matching formal dresses. 

We were dumping our clothes on the bed when we got the call for dinner. I had actually had fun shopping, something which I hadn't been expecting. It was nice to have a best friend who was a girl, for once.


The next morning, I went looking for Romana and Robert. I hadn't seen them since about an hour before and wanted to see what they were doing. I noticed the light was on in the study, so I went towards it, and I heard Romana and Robert talking about something. They stopped as soon as I entered the room.

"Whatcha talking about?" I said brightly. 
"Nothing...I mean, Robert will tell you." said Romana, making an escape for the door.
"No I won't." said Robert, sounding sour. 
"Just believe you can!" said Romana happily, and left the study, closing the door with a "click" behind her. Around half a second later she poked her head back in. "Sit down in that chair and say 'I'm waiting'" she said to me, and then left again. 

I sat down.

"I'm waiting?" I said uncertainly, thinking it was just fine if Robert didn't want to tell me something. But Romana obviously felt otherwise. 

"Um." said Robert. 


Okay, I gave you a chapter faster than before! :D I wasn't sure about putting the study part in this early in the story,  and I'm still not sure. I hope it works out...D: Anyway, I was planning on putting yet another scene in here, but I got tired again. So for next chapter it is. :P

I'm afraid that the quality of writing in this chapter wasn't too great, I'm totally not putting enough description in. Also sorry for the gap between screenshots - I'll try to do better about that next time. :) As always, please comment and tell me what you think! :D

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