Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chapter 3: And don't play with strange glow-y things that mysteriously appear out of thin air

"See? It was perfectly fine" Robert told me happily. 

"Don't say 'I told you so'" I grumped. "So, we just go back in and we get back home?" 

"Yeah, I think so. But I did te-"

"Hey, it's gone.." I said, turning around. It was true, the blue box had disappeared.

"Wha-" Robert said, moving closer to the spot where it had been. "Well, at least it only took us to Lonesome Lake. We can just take a taxi home!" 

I stared at him. Really, he could be very crazy sometimes. "Robert, it's eleven thirty at night. There won't be any taxis. We'll probably just get caught by the police."
"Good point...wait, look." Robert pointed to the ground where the box had been. "What's that?"

"No idea.." I murmured, bending down to have a closer look.

"Well then, let's find out!" Robert grabbed the thing and started poking it.

"Robert-" I said warningly. "Put. It. Down." 

Robert paid me no attention and said "Hey, I think it opens. There's a...thingy...inside?"

"A thingy?" I ask, trying to get a good look at it. It had a large red button that said "Random" and then some smaller, blue buttons below it. It also had a small screen with a 3D grid and a blinking red dot. Below the grid flashed the letters.

2054 A.D.

Strange. I was about to point this out when Robert positioned his finger over the button. "Robert...don't push the big red button..." I said, exasperated. Instead of listening to me, Robert grinned and pushed the button. I groaned and grabbed his arm.

I felt it get hot and then very cold, and then we were standing in the middle of the stone circle that was near Buttercup Way. "Well that wasn't so bad. We can walk home from here." I observe with a smile.

Robert just stood there, looking slightly stunned. "Uh, Gracie? Look at your clothes..." he said, pointing at me.

"What-...Oh." I said, looking down at myself. 

"Er, you too." I told him. 

The teleport had somehow changed our clothes to look like those of cavemen.

I bit my lip. "Hey Robert, can I see that teleport?"

"Yeah sure.." he mumbled, pushing it at me. 
Just below the grid, there were new words flashing on the screen:

4764 B.C. 

 "Er...I think we got transported in time as well as space. It must somehow know what the clothing of the time period was." I said slowly, looking at the teleport and then back over at Robert.

Robert seemed to have gotten over his shock and was starting to look a bit worried. "So if we push the "Random" button again, it should take us to another random point in time and space, right?"

"I think so, yes..." I said slowly, looking at the teleport and then back over at him."But we're still in Sunset Valley. Maybe it can only transport us within Sunset Valley."

"Well, I don't think it matters very much. Even if it did, it would take a miracle to happen to get back to the time and we left."

"Well, we have to try, don't we?" I grabbed his hand with a smile and pushed the button.

I felt the familiar sensation wash over me. Hot, then cold.

Yes, and that chapter was very short again. :P I don't know how much longer I can make them, because I want to get them out pretty often but I don't have very much time to write them. I also have midterms this week, so the next chapter might be a bit late. :( I'll try to get the next one out by the weekend or a little before. (Or way before - it depends how much free time I actually end up getting.)

I'm also working on a "characters" page, which I'll update when I think of a new character. :) Sadly, I still have to write the bios and take a few of the screenshots, so that one might be a while. :( (Again...)

 Okay, I think that's it. Have a nice day and do well on your exams if you have them. :) (I know a lot of people do this week. :P)


  1. Exciting! I wonder where they'll end up when the device enevitably breaks ;)
    Good luck on your exams! :)

    1. You saw that one coming! xD (It won't be broken for long though. :P)

      Oh and thank you! Just two more days and the're OVER! :D